News out of Prince William County in Virginia is that the President of the Battlefield Athletic Booster Club has been arrested for embezzlement.

According to InsideNova, Matthew M. Jones, 44,  was arrested Monday, by the Prince William County Police.  

An investigation was initiated in January of this year by the Property Crimes Bureau of Prince William County after funds had been reported missing by the booster club.The investigation determined that Mr. Jones had embezzled roughly $7000 from the athletic booster club dating back to May of 2019 through November of the same year. 

This seems to be an all too common occurrence amongst booster clubs. Given that the tenure of board members is usually no more than two years and with very little safeguards to protect against this type of embezzlement.

This is, in part why NUI Boosters was formed. Not only do we provide a service that helps with a booster clubs online presence, but we also provide a process that helps to mitigate the risk of embezzlement.