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NUI Boosters helps provide targeted messaging to an audience that consists of the parents and family of High School Athletes, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Alumni and High School Athletes themselves. Each individual website serves as the “face” of the high school athletic programs in local communities around the country. Although we are a new service, we continue to add additional schools. A portion of all advertising revenue generated by NUI Boosters will be donated to each booster program using NUI Boosters.


  • Content Sponsorships providing user engagement, social media integration & industry exclusivity.
  • Banner impressions can be targeted by sport, DMA, city, state, time of day, date range, device & more. Common sizes: 728×90, 300×250 & 160×600 desktop sizes and 320×50 for mobile devices.
  • On demand ordering of photo and video event coverage by sport, state, etc. Can coordinate the coverage of 10,000+ events around the nation.

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