Our team of seasoned media professionals bring real world experience to help bridge the gap when it comes to online fundraising and technology.

Our Mission

NUI Boosters has a mission to give all booster clubs the tools they need to ensure their digital presence is not only stunning but functional. Our primary goal is to see that fundraising efforts that booster clubs undertake are backed by a website and service that will help exceed fundraising goals.


NUI Means BIG!

NUI Boosters was created in part by helping Justice High School in Falls Church, VA to rebrand itself after the schools name was changed from JEB Stuart High School. After donating the use of hallofjustice.com, our founder and Justice High School booster board member developed a site that in the 2019-2020 school year helped to raise over $35,000. Realizing the importance of online fundraising, NUI Boosters was created as a division of NUI Media.


NUI Boosters holds itself to the highest of standards. We realize that all booster organizations have a high turnover rate. Through meticulous management we ensure these transitions are seamless. We design with current standards in mind and partner with the most reputable companies to ensure our services are not only affordable but functional.

Advisory Board

Sam Osborne
Advisor - Technical and Development
Brian Garvey
Advisor - Director, Student Activities - Justice HS

We want to hear from you

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