Justice High School Chorus Boosters


The Justice High School Chorus Boosters did not have an online presence and were looking to create something that would allow for better communication with parents and chorus members. Their goals were to have a central location for an events calendar, as well as integrate a way to make it easy to accept donations to support the chorus department.


    • New website design and hosting
    • Solution to accept online fundraising
    • Events tracking and notifications
    • Hands off management
    • Domain name acquisition

Working closely with the chorus department board, NUI Boosters created a website that helps facilitate the raising of donations, and one that certainly makes the work of the treasurer much more streamlined. By incorporating a calendar into the new site design, all the booster has to do is email into the NUI Boosters support portal with new events or information, and the NUI Boosters team sees that the request is added within 24 hours of submission.

The new site will also be facilitating the Chorus Departments “Tag Day”, which is their primary fundraiser for the year. The booster team will get weekly notifications as to the progress on getting to their goal.

NUI Boosters is also consulting with the booster club to bolster their social media presence and will tie the new site into them. This eliminates the need to post information in multiple places.